"When Bill is allowed the freedom to explore the medium and its relationship to the moving image, he can produce art on a scale unmatched by any in the business today. It is my sincere intent to work with Bill on all of my projects."

Robert E. Ball Jr. - director
Nice Guys Finish Dead

"I've worked with Bill on two features now and I hope to work with him on many more. I supposed that's the short of it. The long of it is that his even temper and professional manner, coupled with his solid work ethic, complement his natural talent. He's versed in many different musical genres and fully capable of finding the best means of supporting and bringing out the most in the picture. Like me, I'll bet you'll wind up working with him more than once."

Dennis Dimster-Denk - director
Double Identity, Cold Heart

"...my aforementioned aspiration to be a composer aside; sometimes music still knocks me on my ass. If ever I needed proof that I never need to pick up an instrument again, Bill Wandel’s music is my proof. We share a love of several film score cats and his talents equal any one of them. "

Peter John Ross - director
Horrors of War, Accidental Art

"We had about 170+ people (at the screening)... we got really good reactions from the crowd and some really nice comments afterwards. I especially wanted to tell you that about a dozen or so people specifically commented to me on the music and how much they liked it."

Marc Mangum - producer
The Adventures of Foodboy

"I feel like Bill’s score did as much for our production value as did shooting on 35mm. It was really comforting to go with someone who had Bill’s proven experience. He gave us just what we wanted."

Dane Cannon - director
The Adventures of Foodboy

"The music is amazing and when you hear it in 5.1 you will be floored! I am very happy with the mix and the music is the hero here. We should all applaud Bill."

John Chalfant - sound mixer
The Genesis Code

"Working with Bill Wandel on the Red House score has been a wonderful experience. Not only is he extremely talented but he's also very intuitive. He took the time to get inside my head to give me exactly what I wanted. Bill isn't afraid to take the time to rework a cue to get it just right. I'm looking forward to our next project."

Gregory Avellone - director
The Red House

"Bill speaks the language of music fluently and is especially gifted in the art of writing for film. I would highly recommend him to any director who seeks a well written, imaginative and memorable score."

Sue Marx - academy award winning producer

"Bill is an extremely talented composer who can take a film and give it a whole new depth of emotion through his music, showing you little nuances you never noticed before. He is such a generous person and a fantastic composer, and I really hope to work with him again on another feature."

Ansel Faraj - director
The Burning Within