Twelve – The Album


“Twelve” is a collection of original folk/pop songs I cooked up over the last several months with a guitar firmly rooted in my lap. Half of these tunes are presented in raw form, just voice and guitar, the rest are a bit more elaborate, still, I had no budget or help making this record, so every note is me, including the strained, out of tune lead vocal. Why am I releasing a vocal album if I’m not much of a singer? It’s quite simple — for the songs. I’m not getting any younger and the prospect of croaking with a head full of songs that no one will ever hear is too sad to imagine. This album is about clearing my head and allowing more songs to come along. It’s also about respecting the idea that songs are gifts and that every artist has an obligation to coax his or her inspirations into reality, even if it means stepping away from one’s comfort zone to get there. “Twelve” represents my songwriting in the most personal way. Regardless of whether these songs ultimately resonate with anyone, the process of recording them required me to evolve and become a more versatile musician. TWELVE will be available in a week or so, so stay tuned!